I’m Larry!

My favourite thing in the world is squeaky toys, I love to chase them around and will happily keep myself amused for hours! I think once I find my new home I would be happy to be left for short periods of time as long as you can ease me in gently to this.

My friends at Jerry Green always say that I am the best for practising their massage techniques on as I love to get head massages; I will just melt into you if you hit the right spot! I’m a very gentle boy but can get a bit over excited and playful so would prefer a home without young children as I would worry I could accidently knock them over but teenagers would be fine.

I also really enjoy playing with other dogs of similar size to me, chase games are the best! I would either like a home of my own or one where I have a doggy friend after I get to meet them at the centre and have a play first! I find the outside world quite overwhelming so I would prefer to live in a quiet rural location, where I won’t have to meet lots or people, dogs and traffic on walks.

If you have the perfect forever home for me then please phone my friends at Jerry Green to arrange a visit to meet me! And if you bring a squeaky toy I will be your best friend forever!

Hope to see you soon!

T – 01205 260546

E – [email protected]