This month we caught up with Ben Mankertz, our Commercial Manager here at the Laughing Dog bakery. We try to use as many of our own farm-grown ingredients as we can, but when we can’t Ben sources the naturally wholesome ingredients that go into the Laughing Dog recipes. Ben also leads sales to promote Laughing Dog to our four-legged friends and their owners.

So Ben, why you think baked is best?

The amazing aroma when we are baking Laughing Dog in our bakery always makes me feel very hungry.  It’s like when someone else makes toast at home; as soon as you smell it, you want a slice yourself.  Not that I eat Laughing Dog food….but I can only imagine that with such a wonderful aroma, the food must taste fantastic for our four-legged friends.  We certainly get many happy dogs trying samples at our stands, so that proves it must be!

How did you and your furry friend meet? Was it love at first sight?

Bumble is a rescue dog.  We found him advertised on the internet. As soon as we saw his friendly face, we knew he’d fit in with our family.

What similarities do you and Bumble share?

We both like our voices to be heard!

Tell us more about Bumble. What does he like to get up to?

Bumble is definitely mischievous.  He loves climbing on my son’s bed and watching him play on the Xbox.  He knows he’s not supposed to be on the bed, but always sneaks on when he thinks no-one is looking.

What makes Bumble 100% dog happy?

Long walks and lots of games with the family. And of course, he loves Laughing Dog’s delicious oven-baked completes and treats!

Where does Bumble like to go to be ‘dog happy by nature’?

The beach at Anderby Creek. He loves running in and out of the sea and chasing the seagulls.  He always comes back from there worn out and then sleeps for the rest of the day!

What’s Bumble’s favourite trick?  

Whenever I get home he always picks up one of my slippers. The trouble is he then runs off and hides it. I’m still trying to work on him bringing me both slippers and then putting my shoes away. Somehow I don’t think he wants to learn that part!

And finally, who came up with the name Bumble? We’re intrigued….

When we first went to see Bumble he was already named. It suited his character so the name stuck!

Ben will be at Crufts on Saturday 10th March – sadly Bumble will be staying at home (he has slippers to chew) but Ben would love you to pop by and say hello!

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