Night Treats

Our Night treats have been a big favourite, helping to aid your four-legged friends in relaxation with soothing Chamomile and Passion Flower.

We are currently out of stock of our Night treats while we revamp our recipe.

Plans going forward
We are very excited to annouce that we have a brand-new and improved Night recipe coming August 1st, which is also when you will be able to create a subscription for it!

Morning & Noon Treats

It was a treat crafting these recipes to energise your mornings and to aid digestion during noon; however, we unfortunately will not be continuing these lines…

Our stock of Morning and Noon treats are now limited.

Plans Going Forward
As of right now, we do not plan to directly replace our morning and noon treats, but this could certainly be something we look to in the future. For now, we will have lots of brand-new grain free treats for your four-legged friends to love, which will be available from 1st August.