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Self-isolation with your dog…

We understand that it’s a really challenging time for everyone. So many of you have been sending in brilliant tips and ideas for keeping active and healthy while in self-isolation with your dog. Every day we will be compiling these together for you as well as posting our own tips too…

1. Hide & Seek

Here at the farm bakery our office staff were asked to all work from home this week, which for some of us means we can finally work with our dogs (our human grade dog food factory does not let our canine companions within an inch of the site…understandably,….although Layla and Gus still take this personally!). But as many of our lovely customers are finding, self-isolation with your four-legged friend brings its own challenges too.

This is a great game to get your four-legged friend moving, to get them using their excellent sense of smell, and it’s a giggle to watch them go! Why not try it out?

All you need is:

1. Your four-legged friend’s favourite dog treats
2. Any safe space around the garden or in your home to hide your treats
3.  …watch as their sense of smell does the rest…!

2. Daily Diary

Rachel and Layla are going to be sharing their #doghappy tips every day, so please do subscribe to our YouTube channel or keep an eye out on our socials (FacebookInstagram and Twitter). Joe Wicks…watch out #doghappy active here we come!! Why don’t you keep a diary of your activities? This can be a wonderful way to ensure that you and your dog are getting plenty of occupation and exercise during self-isolation.

Day 1: Watch our video here to see how Rachel and Layla got on with a game of hide and seek in their garden at home. Of course, our Laughing Dog treats got used…!

3. The Treat Game

The treat game is a simple problem solving game for dogs. To play the treat game with your dog, let them watch as you place a treat under one of three cups. You then shuffle the cups around and encourage them to ‘find the treat.’

This game gives your dog plenty of mental stimulation, and it also helps them work on their problem solving skills. Remember though that treats are only meant as treats – ensure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and is eating a healthy diet. We always recommend that your four-legged friend has access to plenty of fresh water too!

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4. Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Toys

If your dog’s toys are kept in a container, you can teach them to put their toys away. Teaching your dog new skills boosts their confidence, and it’s a great way to give them more mental stimulation.

If your dog already knows “drop it” have them pick up a toy and give them the “drop it” command once they’re standing over the container. Give them lots of praise and then repeat the process. Eventually with consistency you’ll have a dog that will be able to clean up after themselves!

5. Spotify Will Now Make A Playlist for Your Pets!

Spotify is launching a brand new playlist generator that promises to create a playlist that both you and your pet will enjoy!

To get a playlist for your pet, simply pop over to Spotify’s Pet Playlist website. It then presents you with five pet options — cat, dog, iguana, bird, or hamster — and asks you to define a few personality traits, like whether they’re energetic or relaxed, shy or friendly, apathetic or curious. You can then add your pet’s name and a photo, and Spotify will generate a personalised playlist with your animal’s name on it! …Pawsome!

Check it out HERE!

6. Homemade Goodies

A great pastime that the whole family can get involved in is baking and making treats for your beloved furry friends!

We have lots of recipes that you can get stuck into!

Discover more tips and tricks for self-isolating with your dog (including some very tasty homemade dog treat recipes) at www.laughingdogfood.com 

Rachel and Layla are going to be sharing their #doghappy tips every day, so please do subscribe to our YouTube channel or keep an eye out on our socials (FacebookInstagram and Twitter).

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