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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no secret that stress and anxiety can sometimes feel like our constant companions. Whether it’s deadlines at work, navigating relationships, or simply the ups and downs of life, finding ways to manage our stress levels is key to keeping our mental well-being in check. But among all of this, there’s a four-legged friend who provides comfort and support that’s always by our side.

As we look at Stress Anxiety Month, it’s important to recognise just how much our pets contribute to our mental health. Research has shown that spending time with our furry friends can help reduce stress, lowering blood pressure, and lifting our spirits. Their unconditional love and friendship create a sense of warmth and security that can work wonders for easing feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

What’s truly remarkable about our pets is their knack for helping us slow down and stay present in the moment. Whether we’re petting a dog or cuddling with a cat, the simple act of connecting with our pets releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin, promoting feelings of bonding and relaxation.

Beyond the cuddles and playtime, the responsibilities that come with pet ownership can also be incredibly therapeutic. From feeding and walking to grooming and cuddling, these daily tasks provide a sense of purpose and routine that can be especially comforting for those struggling with anxiety or depression. They give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning and a sense of accomplishment that boosts our self-esteem.

So as we navigate Stress Anxiety Month, let’s take a moment to celebrate the incredible bond we share with our furry companions and let’s take a look at two testimonials from our very own four-legged ambassadors and their stories and how they deal with anxiety.

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I have suffered with anxiety in my life since I was a small child. Ever since bringing my westie Oscar home in 2016 he has been a great comfort to my mental health and has brought me so much happiness and light when I have been struggling. We like going for long walks together to get much-needed fresh air and hiking and holidaying together. We do tricks and enrichment together and having the structure of my four-legged best friend helps keep me in a routine day to day.

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His kisses and cuddles make me smile, he always seems to know when I need them and if I ever get upset, he brings me a squeaky ball!

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Millie helps us with our stress relief when it comes to being frustrated at work, just seeing that excited face happy to see us at the door wiggling and dancing with excitement that we have come home makes you forget about all the day’s frustrations. I always come back at lunch to see Millie to help me switch off for an hour and it always helps put me in a better headspace when I go back to work.

Having her back to her hour walks after her IVDD surgery helps us to unwind from any stress that we may have felt from that day. If we didn’t have her I don’t think we would go out for anywhere near the same amount of walks so she keeps us healthy and a healthy body means a healthy brain. Just being outside does so much, just switching out of that work mode and into home chill mode really helps. if we didn’t have that we would probably bring more frustrations back home sometimes you really need to go out and clear your head and Millie gives us a great opportunity to do that. Millie is very much a lap dog and always wants a cuddle with us to help us just stop and stay in one place for a while and stop rushing about as I’m very much the type of person that is always on the move doing something and it helps to have someone who can help you to just stop for a while and chill.

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Before we had Millie we didn’t have a routine and I think having a dog that is happy to tell you what she wants when she wants it at certain times helps you, because I think we all want a routine that helps keep us sane and happy. If you have a long day then you know if you bring a squeaky ball home for Millie and see the joy it puts on her face it will make you put things into perspective as if Millie can be that happy with just a squeaky ball it shows you that you don’t need to be worrying about owning the latest thing to keep up with the Joneses, just live in the present and enjoy the simple things like she does.


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