We are thrilled to have celebrity dogs enjoying our Laughing Dog products! Here are a few of our top celebrity pet-parents…!

Dynamo (Magician) – Bailey and Bunty

“Received a nice surprise from Laughing Dog Food when I got to Dynamo HQ today! Thanks, the dogs will woof these! #DogHappy”

Vicky Patterson (Television Personality) – Baloo

“Love love love!”

“He loooves cheese”

Olivia Buckland (Television Personality) – Reggie and Winnie

“These are so cute”

“Reggie and Winnie are happy! Thank you, Laughing Dog Food”

Louise Thompson (British Television Personality) – Koji

“This is amazing, I love this”

“Thank you, Laughing Dog Food”

Gabby Logan (Presenter) – Maggie and Milo

“Lucky Maggie and Milo”

“Thank you, Laughing Dog Food!”

Lisa Dawson (Interior and Lifestyle Writer, Workshop Presenter and Content Creator) – Buddy

“Buddy is so excited!”

Serena Guthrie (Netball Star) – Bob

“He lovessss it”

Angela Griffin (English Actress) – Smith

All our reviews are incredibly imortant to us! They allow us to continuously improve based on the most important judges of all – our pet-parent customers.

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