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What does grain-free mean?

Grain-free dog food diet has been developed with a recipe that does not contain any grain. There are many different types of grains that are commonly used in dog food which are: wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, sorghum, millet, triticale, or rice. However, that does not make the meal any less tasty! To guarantee that the consistency and taste of your dog’s food remain as inviting and appealing, the grains are substituted with a variety of healthy vegetables such as potatoes and peas. A widely held misconception regarding a grain-free dog food diet is that it is low-carb. However, grain-free dog diets frequently use carbs that include sweet potato to substitute grains, it is not a carb-free dog food, in fact, it is packed full of vitamins. While meat represents an important part of a healthy dog’s diet, all dogs can benefit from carbs as another source of energy.


Is a grain-free diet suitable for dogs with allergies and what symptoms to look out for if your dog is allergic to grain?

Although intolerance in dogs is not common when properly cooked grain is used as a food ingredient, however, when it does happen, it can be upsetting for both the dog and the owner. As a result, a growing number of dog owners choose not to take any risks and switch over to a grain-free diet. The grain-free diet is more flavoursome than a rice-based meal, making the diet choice especially suitable for fussy eaters. Grain-free diets for dogs provide a number of benefits, including increased energy and overall better health. Grain-free meals are packed full of vitamins.

The symptoms to look out for in grain allergies typically cause red, itchy skin, and hair loss brought on by constant scratching, ear infections, and irritated pad on the bottom of paws, which can often be caused by excessive licking and constipation.


Can dogs with allergies eat grain-free meals?

A hypoallergenic diet might be the right choice if your four-legged friend suffers from food allergies or intolerances. The grain-free diet offers your dog the nutrition they require to be at their healthiest and for dogs with certain allergies and those who may find it more difficult to digest grains. Our Laughing Dog Naturally Complete with no additional artificial additives, made with single species, and formulated free from grains and gluten making it naturally hypoallergenic, which means that you can be confident your dog will not have a negative food response to it.

Grains provide a significant source of nutrients like carbs, which are used to produce energy for our four-legged friends. Why exclude it from our pets diet? Grain-free diets for our furry friends have been created for the following reasons:

  1. A number of dogs with sensitive tummies can benefit from grain-free meals. Despite the fact that the majority of dogs can break down grains without any issues, there are some who might struggle. if your dog is prone to digestive issues and struggles with constipation, speak to your vet about grain-free dog food and whether it is suitable for your dog.
  2. For dogs with grain allergies, grain-free food may help with symptoms. Although it’s uncommon for dogs to develop an intolerance or allergy to grains, when it happens, it can be challenging to find an appropriate diet that your dog will agree with.

For any advice regarding your four-legged friend’s diet, please contact your vet

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