Wibbly wobbly…a ‘biscuit’ of contention

You may wonder why some of our delicious grain free and wheat free complete dog food is neatly formed into our little wibbly wobbly loaf shapes and then some is smashed up into what looks like a thousand pieces (something you may on first viewing think resembles the result of an accidental ‘plate meets floor’ encounter) however, you may (we hope) be pleasantly surprised and reassured to know that our ‘smashed up biscuit’ as people have been known to call it, is actually very much a deliberate result of our scrupulous process of slowly oven-baking our biscuits.

Why you are now asking? Well, because our dog food is made in other ways compared to the conventional process of extrusion, it creates a really crisp, crunchy biscuit which is not only gentler on digestion, but it’s also great for teeth. By creating an irregular shaped, wibbly wobbly biscuit with lots of edges. This helps to slow down fast eaters and those who ‘inhale’ or ‘wolf’ down their food. As you can imagine, just like with humans, the slower you eat your food, the better. Not only this, but as a result pooches have to chew their food, it helps keep teeth clean and breather fresh too – what an added bonus! And just before you ask, don’t worry, as our little loaf shapes work in just the same way too!

So in essence, our delicious and nutritious, wholesome kibbles are all perfectly imperfect…and for a jolly good reason, we hope you agree!

Laughing Dog, baking the nation 100% dog happy since 1936!