Should I buy a puppy? Identifying which breeds of dogs are right for you.

When it comes to assessing whether or not you should buy a puppy, the first thing to take note of is what breed is best for you. There are countless breeds of puppies to choose from. Identifying which breed you would like to bring home to their forever home, is a daunting task. Everything from the on-trend miniature dogs that you see taking the Instagram world by storm – dog breeds like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Yorkies or even the cute stocky Pug are the natural fit for smaller households.

The larger dog breeds such as the out and out family dogs like Golden Retrievers and Labradors or the big playful giants like Great Danes and Boxer dogs, can all seem so incredibly endearing as tiny puppies but it is very important to consider how you will manage when they are fully grown and in need of plenty of exercise every day. Ask yourself which breeds of dogs are right for you, as owning a dog is a huge commitment and not one in which to be taken lightly.

There is also the consideration of whether you can cope with a puppy as invariably, puppies can and do take up a huge amount of time in the first few weeks and months of being home and can also cause a lot of disruption to what might be a normally, calm environment. If a puppy isn’t quite right for you, there is always the option to adopt a dog from your local dog shelter or rescue centre. The Kennel Club have a brilliant rescue search finder which will help you find rescue centres in your local area or a specific area you would like to look at.

Below we have listed the key considerations to think about when considering whether to get a dog or not.

Key considerations when buying a puppy

Am I ready for a dog?

Am I prepared to take on the responsibility of looking after an animal in the capacity that I need to, to fulfil their needs.

Do I have time for a dog?

Exercising your dog is an essential part to owning it and even though it is dependent on breed, size, age and overall health of your dog, on average it is important to identify that dogs will need anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise per day at a minimum with dog breeds from the hunting, working and herding groups needing the most exercise.

Can I afford a dog?

It is estimated on average that the cost of having a dog over the course of its lifetime can range from anywhere between £16,000 and £31,000 according to the PDSA. We have popped a table below which considers the costs of what goes into owning a dog.

Annual Costs One-off costs Additional costs
Flea treatment Microchipping Training classes
Worming Spaying/ Neutering Kennel/boarding costs
Insurance Vets costs Grooming costs
Vaccinations Initial equipment Accessories and toys

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Can I cope with a puppy?

This will help you make the decision of whether you should be looking to get a puppy or look to adopt and older dog. Will you have time to give it the puppy training that it needs and the socialisation too?

Understanding dog breeds

Ask the deeper question not just which one should I get, ask yourself, which one is right for me? How much garden space do you have or do you have access close by to areas of fields or parkland where you can exercise your dog. Are you based in the countryside or the city – which would be more practical for the size of house that I live in, where my house is located. Do you suffer from allergies therefore do you need to look at non shedding dog breeds? – The Kennel Club again offer a very comprehensive list of dog breeds which do not shed their hair.

If you carefully consider the above questions before choosing your puppy or dog and welcoming your new ‘best friend’ into your home, you and your four-legged friend will have the recipe to stay 100% dog happy for life. What more could you possibly want for your favourite canine companion?


1oz. of careful consideration

100g of preparation

1lb of your £’s

2 spoonful’s of the right breed for you

1 big bowlful of time

A teaspoon or two of puppy patience

1kg of commitment

Mix together for a lifetime and cherish daily.

There you have it…the perfect ingredients for a 100% dog happy life!

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