Grain & gluten free dog food vs wheat free dog food 

At Laughing Dog we are able to produce both wheat free and grain & gluten free dog food ranges. Both are enjoyed by all dogs – not just those with a specific need for wheat or grain free diets. But do you know what the difference is between our grain free dog food and wheat free dog food? With both terms being used frequently in the dog food (and human food!) industry, it can be a confusing area to understand.

What is the difference between wheat free and grain gluten free dog foods?

Often consumers are not aware that there are other grains to wheat. While wheat free completes and treats are free of wheat gluten, they can still contain alternative grains like barley or oats, which also contain gluten. To be completely grain and gluten free, however, it means that a food must be free from all cereals. For example, no barley, maize, oats, rice or wheat. Our Naturally Complete Grain Free dog food range and grain free treats are therefore free of wheat gluten, gluten and grains.

“perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies…”

As your grain free dog completes don’t contain cereals, what do they use as the base?

Our Naturally Complete Grain Free dog food recipes all use sweet potato as a base, which is an easily digestible source of slow release energy and of course contains no wheat gluten or gluten. It is perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies, those with cereal intolerances and our four-legged friends with a specific need to avoid grains, or purely if you would just prefer to feed your dog a grain free diet.

grain free wet food | Laughing Dog Food

My dog doesn’t need to be on a grain free diet. Are your completes and treats still suitable?

Grain free can have really positive effects for dogs who have long suffered from intolerances or adverse reactions due to not eliminating potential causes through feeding. Yet it certainly isn’t just a dog food diet adopted by owners looking to help their dogs’ intestinal issues, but also a diet change and preference for pet parents wanting to completely remove gluten and cereals from their dogs’ diets – just as they may have done with their own eating habits.

And our Laughing Dog range of gently oven-baked wheat free and grain free treats (from our Cheesy Bites to Fruity Paws and Sleep Tights) help to protect the natural goodness of their wholesome ingredients! This creates a deliciously tasty and crunchy treat, perfect for helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh, and even the fussiest of dogs love their baked taste!

“our expert nutritionists launched the UK’s first ever baked grain free mixer meal”

 Is it possible to have a grain and gluten free mixer meal?

Absolutely! In fact, our nutritionists launched the first ever oven-baked grain free mixer meal in 2016 – a first for the UK grain free market! This deliciously tasty, oven-baked grain free mixer meal makes for the perfect complementary biscuit to be fed with meat, wet food or as a natural additional to the BARF diet. In this recipe we use a special sweet potato and botanical herb blend. For more information, visit our dedicated Grain Free Mixer Meal page.

(**Please note: our Grain Free completes and grain free treats contain no added cereals.)

Does Laughing Dog Food stock grain free treats?

We certainly! We are very proud of our tasty grain free treat range, offering a healthy salmon based training treat, a calming sleep tight treat and a deliciously minty dental treat…!


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