In 2019 so far, our farm bakery has donated over £20,000 of products…

We are dedicated to donating our delicious dog food recipes to charity

Our British baked dog food company has this year donated over £20,000 of delicious baked dog food recipes to rescue homes and charities across Britain, and we certainly plan to continue this throughout the year.

Mitchell Peason, our Charity Fundraising Coordinator at Laughing Dog, says: “We support as many charities and rescues as we can – donating a mix of our Laughing Dog baked treats and completes, as well as our baked mixer meals for dogs. Helping to support charities is really important to us as a business and it means we get to meet lots of new four-legged friends along the way!”

If you are a dog charity in need of some donations of food, please send an email to [email protected]