Made on our family farm in Lincolnshire

Here at the Laughing Dog bakery, we have a slowly oven-baked range of dry dog food, which we bake from start to finish in our family run farm bakery.

Using only wholesome ingredients that we grow and source ourselves, our bakers carefully slow cook each batch of Laughing Dog food; ensuring each bag each can be traced back to the baker who carefully baked it, the oven in which it was gently baked in and the delicious ingredients that went into the mixing bowl.

Baked dog food – it takes time!

In our baked dog food and treat ranges, our biscuit dough is cooked over a longer, slower period of time. Baking dog food is like baking at home – we roll the dough out, cut the dough into shapes and then gently cook it through our long ovens.

The only downside to baked dog food is that it can take a long time to make and, as you can imagine, when you’re making dog food without any gluten in it (gluten free for our grain free dog food ranges, or wheat gluten free for our wheat free dog food), it can be tricky and present a few challenges for our bakers (did you know that it took four years for us to perfect our Gloriously Grain Free Baked Mixer Meal for dogs?).

A crisp and crunchy texture that dogs love!

By baking our Laughing Dog kibbles (just like you would cook a biscuit in your oven at home, although our ovens are a little bigger!), it makes the end product a completely different mouth feel and taste.

Dogs love its very crisp and crunchy texture, which also helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh. The oven-baked texture of our baked dog food, treats and mixers is also great at helping to slow down fast eaters, and is therefore gentle on digestion.

Our bakers have been baking since 1936!

Our founder Ted Grant firmly believed that slowly oven baking was a super way to ensure for delicious golden nuggets.

And with generations of dogs already baked happy, our bakers certainly won’t be hanging up their aprons any time soon, and we’re very proud to still have oven-baked dog treats in our range (our Strawberry and Peanut Butter dog treats, our Cheesy Bites dog treats, our Sleep Tight night time dog treats) as well as all of our baked mixer meals. Our personalised dog treats are also 100% oven-baked biscuit bones too!

Our Gloriously Grain Free and Wonderfully Wheat Free ranges of baked dog food are also 100% naturally oven-baked, but these lines will shortly be replaced by our new dog foods (see below).

Why is your range not all oven-baked dog food?

Creating baked dog food has a lot of challenges as explained above. Not only does it take considerable amounts of time to make and trial recipes (a minimum of two years!), it also can be very challenging to make.

Nevertheless, we are passionate about ensuring that we continue to have natural baked ranges of treats, and our mixer meals will always remain baked. Recently we have launched two brand new ranges of dog food which are not baked – our Naturally 5 chicken, lamb and beef dog food and our Naturally Complete dog food, which is available in chicken, lamb and salmon varieties.

Baking can be very tricky to create without dust and understandably dust is something which some of our customers have found tricky (when you open a bag of cereal, due to its baked texture there is often dust at the bottom of the bag).

By not baking our dog food ranges we can ensure for a kibble which is dust-free, and a kibble which is a new and different shape (baking meant we were constrained to a crouton shape).

Naturally 5 & Naturally Complete

Rest assured though that even though our new Naturally 5 and Naturally Complete dog food ranges are not baked, we have not compromised on the quality of the dog food.

They are all still made by us (no one else makes our dry food, treats and mixers!), and they have been carefully created to be complete and balanced, single species recipes and formulated free from wheat, wheat gluten (Naturally Complete is grain and gluten free dog food too), and free from dairy, soya, salt and egg.

Our Naturally Complete dog food range is made with fresh chicken, salmon and lamb. Importantly though, they are made with only selected ingredients – Naturally 5 is just 5 ingredients, including barley from our own farm.

If you would like to find out more about our range of dog foods, treats and mixers, pop us a call to our freephone (0800 0988057) or head to our YouTube channel to see our food being made and to meet the team!

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