Making all of our dry foods ourselves on our family farm in the heart of Lincolnshire, UK, we are proud to have created a sustainable dog food brand, with environmentally-friendly dog food packaging.

Right within the Lincolnshire countryside, Laughing Dog is proud of being an environmentally conscious dog food brand, using recyclable packaging where possible and a quarter of the farm bakery’s energy originating from our five acres of solar panels on the farm.

The ingredients we use are wholesome and simple, with many coming from our own farm to sure we are being sustainable (like our farm-grown barley, oats and wheat), making for the most delicious and nutritious dog food recipes for your four-legged friend.


Recyclable dog food packaging

Our cardboard sleeves from our wet dog foods, our new Naturally Complete dog food completes and our grain free oven baked dog treat boxes and our mixer meals bags are all 100% recyclable. However, we are passionately committed to doing more for the environment and are currently looking at new types of recyclable dog food packaging.

All of our packaging details the Green Dot. This is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries and signifies that we have made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe. Packaging for our complete dog foods and mixers is 100% recyclable and our treats are recycling ready. We are always reviewing our recyclable packaging – and it is a very exciting time for Laughing Dog!


farm image

Caring for the environment at the Laughing Dog bakery

At Laughing Dog we pride ourselves on ensuring that our packaging is of the very best quality to keep your four-legged friend’s food as fresh and tasty as the day it was made in the bakery.

Sustainable dog food ingredients

As part of our commitment to creating sustainable dog food, we use as many of our own ingredients as we can. For example, in our Naturally 5 complete dog foods we use our own farm-grown barley, and in many of our dog treats we use our own oats and barley – which is perfect for helping to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum! Our Traditional Mixer Meal for dogs (and its puppy equivalent) are also made with wheat from our farm.

Our dry completes, dog treats and mixer meals are made in our own farm bakery from start to finish. Absolutely everything we produce is made in Britain!

Did you know that we have solar panels on our farm too? There are continual developments on the farm and can currently are able to save over 400 tons of carbon a year!

We manage our farm hedgerows to encourage wildlife, minimise our use of artificial fertilisers and improve our quality of our soil through crop rotation. We also have wild flower borders for our bees and butterflies!

Wildlife boarders


We’re working hard to make our deliveries more economic too. Our dog food subscription service allows you to have multiple subscriptions but they can be merged to be processed and dispatched on the same day. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter  so you don’t miss out on our regular offers and competitions!

We’ve implemented new steps to ensure that any unnecessary packaging or oversized boxes are eliminated from our packaging process (but of course still ensuring that your special delivery reaches you in perfect condition!).

Head to our You Tube page to see videos from the farm.

Do you have a question about our sustainability and recyclability? Pop us a message to [email protected] and we’d be delighted to talk to you further.