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Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice who have no need for hypoallergenic diets!

13/06/2016  |  Farm Bakery Recipes

Meet Bob, Bella and Beatrice. They're three dogs with three very different tastes, but the one thing they all have in common is that Laughing Dog makes all three of their tails wag and their tummies 100% dog happy. Want to know why? Read more here...

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To BARF or not to BARF...?

10/05/2016  |  Farm Bakery Recipes

It's always a question you hear dog owners asking...

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Wibbly wobbly...a 'biscuit' of contention

05/05/2016  |  Farm Bakery Recipes

You may wonder why some of our delicious grain free and wheat free complete dog food is neatly formed into our little wibbly wobbly loaf shapes and then some is smashed up into what looks like a thousand pieces (something you may on first viewing think resembles the result of an accidental ‘plate meets floor’ encounter) however, you may (we hope) be pleasantly surprised and reassured to know that our ‘smashed up biscuit’ as people have been known to call it, is actually very much a deliberate result of our scrupulous process of slowly oven-baking our on to find out more.

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A first for Grain Free Baking...

01/04/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

A first for the UK grain free market! Our dedicated bakers have only gone and done it...the first ever baked grain free mixer meal for dogs is here...

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Grain free dog foods: enjoyed by all...!

24/03/2016  |  Farm Bakery News

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between wheat free and grain free dog foods? Our nutritionists have put together a little industry insight to help you and your dog on your foody journey...


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